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This series of articles is about web site programming. Each article takes a theme, such as, for example, finding the URL, and shows some examples of how to do it. The scripts are kept as simple as possible, and therefore, easier to understand than most of the books that I have read!


Most sensible web designers use a web design program. However, it is still necessary to understand HTML, because all the other web languages include HTML code.


This is another language, which can't be avoided. For example, the most common JavaScript command is the onmouseover event, which on this site, changes the font size, and background colour on many of the links.

However, Javascript is very useful for error checking, before submitting user information. For example, if a form contains errors and is submitted, the script on the server will send back an error page, which takes time, and uses up bandwidth. If you use JavaScript to check for errors, the form won't be sent to the server, until the information is correct.

So in other words, JavaScript is very good for CLIENT side programming.

This page was created on 15 May 2005.
Latest update 13 June 2008.


Most of us believe that PHP is the best server side programming language. It does what JavaScript can't. So put simply, PHP works on the Server Side, and JavaScript works on the client side.


This is a Database, which works very well with PHP, and will be mentioned quite a lot.


I've used PERL, and found it to be a pain. The language is quite good, and very similar to PHP. The problem comes when you upload a Perl script to the web site. It has to go in the CGI-BIN folder, and you have to upload it a special way (that's because Windows is crap) and then you have to set the permission. So put simply, use PHP!


The expert operating system is UNIX or LINUX. So your web site will have one of those two operating systems. Since most of us have been conned by Crappy Soft, into using Windows, we have to make everything work on both systems. So get wise, think about using a LINUX operating system in the future.